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For over 18 years Odyssey, Inc. has worked with some of America’s best-known organizations to improve business performance through selecting and developing executive talent, developing high performance executive teams and corporate cultures and applying performance analytics.

Working with Executives

We partner with executives to position, develop and fully realize their potential and professional satisfaction by building their skills, experiences and opportunities. We work with executives to:

  • Help position themselves for greater responsibilities
  • Rapidly and successfully transition into a larger role or new organization
  • Create, implement and drive a plan to achieve business and professional objectives
  • Improve interpersonal communication/relationship skills
  • Making sure they spend their time, energy and creativity on the highest impacting work
  • Recover from a precarious business, professional relationship, or political issue
  • Develop skills and approaches to deal with a difficult boss, client, peer, or staff member

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Working with Executive Teams

Our executive team development process aligns shared objectives, clear roles, expectations, performance metrics and core operating values.

The end result is increased levels of trust and accountability and highly functional relationships that drive executive energy, action and creativity toward external business objectives and not on dysfunctional infighting.

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Odyssey Inc. is an executive consulting company specializing in high performance organizations, teams and executives.

Odyssey, Inc 434-872-3714 or email tim@odysseyhps.com

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