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About Us

Who We Are

Odyssey Inc. is a high performance consulting company specializing in high performance teams, organizations and executives headquartered outside Charlottesville, Virginia near Washington D.C.

Our mission is to help CEO’s, senior executives,  business owners and executive teams build high performance organizations, teams and executives. We are thought leaders in our field, trusted advisors to our clients, and viewed by many as the consultant’s consultant. Our goal is simple – to help executives improve their company’s performance. Click here to read Creating a High Performance Organization – Getting Started

As thought leaders — we have individually coached over a thousand senior executives and hundreds of teams to improve performance through the development of executive competencies, team collaboration and cultural change.

As trusted advisors — we advise top executives of leading corporations on creating high performance organizations and teams, hiring and selection, performance management, growth and change.

As consultant’s consultant — we have worked with hundreds of global consulting professionals and teams from the leading global consulting firms.  Here are the 12 competencies we believe are required in a High Performance Executive.

What We Do

We focus on the executive’s agenda:

  • How do you build exceptional executive teams?
  • How do you develop a pipeline of top talent for key roles?
  • How do you develop cultures that optimize sustainable performance?
  • How do you communicate, manage perceptions and effectively lead your board?
  • How do you communicate, inspire and drive strategy?
  • How do you effectively work the relationship, perceptual, political and management vs. leadership dimensions of your role?

Our philosophy –We believe the best models for learning and practice fields for leading are in the everyday business world. We are not anti-academic but our clients have found little value within academia to address their real world practical problems and challenges.  We work in a business setting and bring clients and other business leaders together.

What do we do? — We advise clients through our business coaching, high performance team development, high performance organization consulting and on-line assessments.  Read our High Performance Teams – Where Do You Start

Who we work with? — We work with CEO’s, senior executives,  executive teams, operating leaders, human resource professionals, and managers at all levels of business.

How We Work

We start in the executive’s office with the questions they face every day:

  • How is the world changing and where is our business going?
  • What kinds of leaders do we need and how do we develop them?
  • What kind of culture is necessary and how do we build it?
  • How do we inspire and challenge our people to achieve their highest potential?
  • How do we accelerate growth and execute the business?

If you’d like to learn more about how we work, please contact Tim Allard at 434-984-0425 or email tim@odysseyhps.com

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