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Tim Allard, executive business coach, high performance team/organization consultant

timbio photoTim Allard is CEO and co-founder of Odyssey Inc. a high performance consultancy founded in 1999 specializing in:

Client FocusSenior executives, executive teams, business owners, sales leaders, sales teams and public sector executives.

Industry Expertise – Commercial Real Estate, Consulting, Information Technology (IT), Financial Services, Telecommunications, Government Executives, Non-Profits, and Industry Associations.

Approach/Philosophy – Because of his strong background in sales and executive leadership Tim takes a very practical bottom line approach to adding value to client’s business. He works with clients to increase performance and results in every phase of  senior executive leadership development. Tim adds value to the following executive/organizational performance phases:

  • Hiring and selecting top talent
  • Business planning and strategy development
  • Identifying and measuring performance
  • Providing feedback and focused development
  • Promotion and succession planning

Business Coaching Experience and Related Certifications – Since 1997 Tim has coached hundreds of executives to increase their individual effectiveness and business performance. He has thousands of business coaching hours. He is a graduate of the Corporate Coach University certified coaching program, MIT’s Organizational Learning Core Course. He is a certified business planner, certified behavioral and values analyst. He is certified to use assessment tools from Target Training International and The Center for Creative Leadership.

Business Background and Other Experience – As a former leader in EDS’ Executive Development program, Tim worked with hundreds of executive clients in the telecommunications, automotive, banking, chemical, government, healthcare, software, and transportation industries. Tim has held leadership positions in national account operations, sales, marketing, and strategic planning.

If you’d like to learn more about how we work, please contact Tim Allard at 434-984-0425 or email tim@odysseyhps.com

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