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Character – Where Leadership Begins

Character is the foundation a leader builds their career on.  It all begins with character, because leadership operates on the currency of trust.  People will only follow a leader so far as they can trust him or her.

Character is a pattern of behavior that harnesses respect, determines credibility and earns trust.

How a leader deals with circumstances tells you many things about their character.  Crisis does not make character but it certainly does reveal it.  Adversity makes a leader choose between optional paths forward: character or compromise.  Every time the leader chooses character he or she grows stronger.  Character doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes, but it is demonstrated in how we handle the mistakes.

Leaders can’t rise above and sustain performance beyond the limitations of their character.  The pattern of a leader’s actions and words reveals what the leader values, what he is trying to accomplish and why he wants to accomplish it.   This pattern of behavior reveals if she is playing solely for her own interests or playing for the advancement of the team or organization.

There is so substitute for solid character.

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