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Executive Coaching

I use Tim as a sounding board for strategic decisions and consider him a partner in my business. Tim has been instrumental to the success of the San Diego region. He keeps us accountable for the objectives we have as a business and continuously challenges us to take our game to the next level.”

Bill Fleck
President – Staubach, San Diego

Odyssey’s Executive Coaching Philosophy

Odyssey’s philosophy is designed around three simple concepts:

  1. First, that client competency development happens most rapidly and is sustained when we use their everyday work environment as the practice field. Classroom learning (without follow up integration and application of learning) retention rates are consistently around 5%.
  2. Secondly, in any given engagement we identify and focus on no more than three distinct competency development areas. This highly focused approach has proven to both gain quicker results and greater sustained results over time.
  3. Thirdly, with over 25,000 hours of coaching experience we have adopted a pragmatic mix of tools, reading and experiential learning to drive results. We call these activities fieldwork. Fieldwork assignments are the assignments we co-create with our clients to give them the opportunity to learn, experience, practice and refine their competencies. We design the fieldwork so that the volume and intensity is appropriate for the client’s current workload.

Typical Executive Coaching Engagements:

Executive Coaching is a partnership between coach and client to increase effectiveness and drive bottom line results. Typical coaching engagements include:

  • Improve communication and people skills
  • Preparing for increased responsibility
  • Improve business and sales performance
  • Transitioning to a new organization
  • Preparing to acquire and integrate a new company and culture
  • Recovering from a career derailing event
  • Improve presentation skills, executive presence
  • Improve effectiveness with boards of directors and or Wall Street analysts

Odyssey’s Executive Coaching Approach:

We incorporate the use of empirical assessment data, annual appraisal results, business/organizational objectives and leader, peer and staff feedback, and career aspirations.

Objectives for our Executive Coaching Program, three-phase approach are the following:

Discovery Phase Objectives –
To gain a clear understanding of the client’s past experience, strengths, past development areas, work environment, business and career aspirations. To create a coaching development plan focused on satisfying the client’s development, organizational and business objectives. The Discovery meeting is done in person with the client and coach.

Building Phase Objectives –
To develop competencies and satisfy specified development and business objectives. The coach and the client meet regularly (via the phone) to discuss progress, work through challenges and continue to refine the approach.

Refine Phase Objectives –
To measure pulse progress against the original coaching development, organizational and/or business objectives. If not all objectives have been satisfied then the plan is focused to close out the remaining elements of the original goals.

The best way to determine if an executive coach is a good fit for you is to talk with them about your objectives and learn more about their approach and style.  That is why we offer a complimentary coaching call with one of our coaches.  To schedule this time,  please call Tim Allard at 434-984-0425 or email tim@odysseyhps.com

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