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Executive Presence Coaching

Executive presence is a very general term that means a lot of things to a lot of people.  We believe executive presence deals with the perception of how people respond to your words and actions.  Do your words and actions have gravity or are they lightly dismissed? 

Executive presence is the verbal and physical projection of the sum total of your knowledge, credibility, relationships intelligence, creativity and experience. It is not just what you have to say, but how you say it and more importantly how people respond.  Executive presence, to a large extent, can be measured by how much influence one has with those whom he or she regularly works.

Executive presence coaching is done one-on-one with coach and client and involves the following phases:

  1. Identifying the clients executive presence development needs and perceptions that need to be changed
  2. Active practice of the development areas
  3. Feedback of progress
  4. Refining and re-setting perceptions

We use several tools and processes with our clients to rapidly develop their executive presence and results.  The typical engagement will involve using the DISC behavioral profile. The DISC Behavioral Assessment is a powerful tool to help an executive understand their lens, as well as, to understand how they project themselves to others and how others are likely to receive them.  The DISC Profile is used throughout the executive presence coaching process.  In addition, the coaching process also involves one-on-one video taped sessions, fieldwork and regularly schedule and real time feedback.   The client’s everyday role and work environment will be used as the main practice field for improving executive presence.  Another helpful tool is the Workplace Motivation Report. When an executive has their primary motivators aligned with the primary functions and incentives of their role, performance and morale are high, and conflicts are diminished.

Successful executive presence coaching first assesses where the client is in a broad spectrum of executive presence qualities and dimensions.  Executive presence coaching deals with the following projected and demonstrated qualities:

Executive Presence Projected – these are stylistic qualities

Project Confidence – Executive Presence is a confidence game and if you are not confident in your business and or subject matter you will be discovered within the first two minutes.

Project Calmness – Executive presence and emotional control go hand in hand.

Respectful – Executive presence demonstrates respectful communication and behavior outwards and demands it in return from others in return.  It is possible to be direct, probing, tough minded and respectful at the same time.

Demonstrated Dimensions – these are qualities people have experienced in you that amplify or detract from your credibility and executive presence

Decisive Action – Executive presence is about action and moving the team or business forward in a measured and timely manner.  Bureaucratic hand wringing, yes-men, ass-kissers don’t pass go on this dimension.

Judgment – plays a supporting role to executive presence.  You must generally have a history of making sound, informed and rational decisions.

Maturity – business and personal maturity are an executive presence building block.  Do the totality of your words, actions and behavior reflect that of a seasoned professional who looks out for the best of the team or business?

Executive Presence is something that has to be developed and maintained throughout your executive career.  You may also be interested in reading What Makes a Good Leader – 12 Competencies.

If you’d like to talk with us about Executive Presence coaching, please call Tim Allard at 434-984-0425 or email tim@odysseyhps.com.

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