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DISC Personality Profile, or DISC Profile

Although commonly called this, DISC is actually not a personality test, it’s a behavioral assessment that helps individuals and teams understand how they project themselves to others and how to spot and specifically adapt to different styles to maximize effectiveness and results. The DISC  Profile is the single most powerful tool we know of for increasing individual, sales and team effectiveness.

What is the DISC Personality Tool?

Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.

A person’s behavior is a necessary and integral part of who they are. In other words, much of our behavior comes from “nature” (inherent), and much comes from “nurture” (our upbringing). DISC is the universal language of “how we act,” or our observable human behavior.

In this report we are measuring four dimensions of normal behavior:

  1. How you respond to problems and challenges.
  2. How you influence others to your point of view.
  3. How you respond to the pace of the environment.
  4. How you respond to rules and procedures set by others.


Enhanced Executive Relationship Skills

Interacting effectively with a variety of people marks the difference between success and failure. Effective interpersonal interaction starts with an accurate perception of oneself. The DISC Executive report gives executives a greater knowledge of themselves and others, leading to and improved ability to relate and communicate effectively with people who operate differently than they do.

Improving Interpersonal Skills

The DISC Personality Profile identifies interpersonal communication preferences. Knowing this, the executive can use a communication system with others that is more effective and productive. Executives become more aware of how their natural and adapted behavioral styles are influencing others’ reactions to them and either enhancing or inhibiting their success—and the success of others.

Increased Value to the Organization

Faced with ever-changing challenges and opportunities, self-knowledge assists executives in achieving success for their organizations. Using the DISC Personality Profile, the executive and their coach and/ or mentor can develop action plans to build on their strengths and overcome factors limiting their success. The end result—increased value to the organization.

Achieving Superior Performance

People are most productive in environments that compliment and reward their own natural behaviors. However, natural behaviors may not produce desired results— especially when interacting with people who exhibit opposite behaviors. The DISC Personality Profile will reveal a number of opportunities for improvements in communication, driven by the work environment and colleagues’ needs. By understanding the most effective adjustments needed to achieve success, the executive learns to effectively modify behavior as required.

DISC Report Content

The DISC Personality Profile contains a number of personalized sections that illuminate separate areas with opportunities for enhanced communications and understanding. An Odyssey coach will interpret the report in a feedback meeting. This maximizes the value and understanding of the results, and allows us to co-create a targeted action and development plan with the client. This resulting information is ideal as part of a performance management process emphasizing personal accountability.  When we work with clients in Executive Coaching, we combine the DISC Personality Profile with the Workplace Motivation Report and the Skills Assessment – PTSI.  This gives us and the client a more complete picture of the client so that we can meet their objectives more quickly and efficiently.

DISC Personality Profile for Teams, click here for the DISC Workshop for teams page

In a workshop setting, the DISC Personality Profile is powerful vehicle for understanding team dynamics and optimizing team cohesion, trust, collaboration and effectiveness. The DISC tool has an 88% face validity rating and provides a report to specifically address motivation, communication, development areas and areas to avoid. See DISC Workshop (hyperlink to DISC Workshop page) for more information.
The DISC tool is both powerful and versatile and can be produced in a variety of versions depending on the client situation. The most commonly used versions are:

  • Executive
  • Employee/Manager
  • Sales Professional
  • Customer Service
  • Team Building

The DISC Personality Profile is perhaps the most versatile tool on the market with applications in coaching, team building, sales training, job selection and conflict resolution.

If you’d like to talk with us about the DISC Personality Profile or the DISC Personality Profile Workshop for teams, please call Tim Allard at 434-984-0425 or email tim@odysseyhps.com

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