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Skills Assessment – PTSI

Unique to the PTSI (Personal Talent Skills Inventory) is its ability to assess an individual’s cognitive structure (i.e., how their mind perceives themselves and the world around them). The highly refined and unique algorithm is the power behind the PTSI Skills Assessment’s ability to accurately measure the core dimensions of how we think, focusing on three dimensions of thought:

  • Systemic: The dimension of ideas, thinking and
    structure. Systems judgment and self direction are
  • Extrinsic: The dimension of things, doing and events.
    Practical thinking and role awareness are measured.
  • Intrinsic: The dimension of people, feelings and self
    awareness. Empathetic outlook and sense of self are measured.

The result is an accurate ranking of personal talent and skills describing individual potential for workplace performance.


Unlike many other instruments intended for a clinical setting but adapted to a business one, the PTSI Skills Assessment was designed, from the beginning, exclusively for use in a business environment. Its overall intent, format and output are specifically tailored to meet the needs of business managers and executives today.

When PTSI is combined with Behaviors (DISC) and Values/Motivation you get a more  complete picture of the person.

The PTSI Skills Assessment has been validated in over 28 individual validation studies, conducted over 20 years by more than 19 separate examiners. It meets the standards of the US Federal Government Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

PTSI is a key component of the hiring and selection, coaching/development and succession planning processes.

If you’d like to talk with us about the PTSI Skills Assessment, please call Tim Allard at 434-984-0425 or email tim@odysseyhps.com

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