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Performance Management

Odyssey’s performance management solutions identify, measure and report on the human factors that drive your business.

We begin with a set of modular web-based assessment tools and customize them into an integrated solution to meet your business requirements. These modular building blocks allow us to rapidly (usually within 3-5 hours) identify the key competencies, activities and outcomes that define superior performance in a given role.

Working with our clients we customize, integrate and make operational the solution (usually within days) to give senior leaders the maximum visibility into the human performance component of their business. This granular visibility allows them to make optimal and timely business, compensation and staff decisions. In addition, once the initial development phase has been completed the results can be applied to the recruiting and selection process.

The Performance Management Four-Step Cycle

  1. Identify – the high impacting competencies, actions and outcomes required for superior success in a given role.
  2. Measure – the high impacting competencies, actions and outcomes with the frequency cycle you determine.
  3. Report – our reporting capability allows you to view a variety of distribution, demographic and constituency groups.
  4. Develop – The results give you a highly focused view of where an individual needs development. This clarity allows you to make effective and efficient development choices to increase performance, satisfaction and retention.

To discuss our performance management process more, please contact Tim Allard at 434-984-0425 or email

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