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DISC Workshop

The DISC workshop is designed for and focuses on the individual and the team as a whole. Prior to the workshop each participant will go on-line and complete an electronic response form and receive, via email, an individual profile. Odyssey will create a composite profile for the entire team based on each individuals profile. The first half of the workshop is focused on the individual understanding his or her profile. The second half of the workshop focuses on the profile of the team.

Individuals gain a greater understanding of the behaviors and values that drive their interactions with others and the activities of their roles. In addition, by understanding how others experience them, individuals are able to learn new adaptive strategies to increase their effectiveness with a wider community of colleagues, clients, staff and leaders.

In the team segment of the workshop the team explores the composite team profile with a focus on the likely strengths and potential blind spots the team has when compared to it’s primary business objectives.

The result is that individuals and teams gain greater clarity and confidence about their ability to be effective in their roles and within the team as a whole.

Every team or corporate culture has a unique intersection of behavior and values. Identifying that intersection is a key component to understanding the team’s performance and potential blind spots. The dynamic combination of the DISC (HOW people respond to Problems, People, Pace of Environment and Structure) and the Values (WHAT motivates people to action) gives teams and individuals a unique insight into human interaction and team performance.  The companion workshop to the DISC is the Workplace Motivators workshop, click here for details.

DISC Workshop – How People Respond
In the DISC workshop, people gain insights into how they project themselves and how others experience them. In addition, individuals learn how to optimize their effectiveness with a wide spectrum of colleagues, clients and staff. The team composite section of the workshop looks at the collective team profile and compares and contrasts the strengths and potential blind spots against the team’s business objectives.

For a DISC Team Building Sample Report please click here.

To learn more about the DISC Profile on which this workshop is based click here.

To speak with us about taking your team through a DISC Workshop, please call Tim Allard at 434-984-0425 or email us.

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