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Myers-Briggs Workshop

This is a very interactive, practical workshop involving participants in a variety of activities designed to help them see the strengths of their own and others’ personalities. We design the workshop specifically for the client, incorporating activities that will demonstrate the personality differences and similarities.  We also focus on how to effectively use the various personalities on a team and with customers.

Our workshop is dynamic, targeted, productive and fun.  We work to understand your business so that the workshop is relevant to your environment.

Myers-Briggs was the single biggest team development activity we have undertaken in the last 3 years.  It improved communication significantly between team members, because it provided us with a better understanding of how other people communicate and what their communication expectations are.  We now appreciate the value in the different personality types.

Connie Theroux, EDS Account Executive

Benefits of a Myers-Briggs Workshop:
Participants learn to value rather than condemn the differences in approaches they have. 
Teams learn which aspects of people are suitable for specific tasks and projects. 
Teams learn a language that allows them to address differences respectfully and productively. 
Individuals increase self-knowledge and self-awareness which leads to increased leadership effectiveness.

Managers learn how to relate and manage people differently and more effectively.

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