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Workplace Motivation Workshop

Understanding What Drives Motivation in the Workplace

While relationships are frequently helped or hindered by conflicted behavioral styles, more often than not relationships become strong or seriously derailed by a conflict in Workplace Motivators. The Workplace Motivation assessment and related workshop explores the primary driving motivators for individuals and teams. The team composite section of the workshop looks at the collective team profile and identifies the team’s primary and secondary motivators and compares them against the team’s business objectives.

This workshop focuses on identifying, understanding and appreciating differences in motivators. By understanding that each motivator has unique potential for strengths and over-extensions, individuals learn to increase their effectiveness with a wider diversity of clients, leaders, colleagues, and staff.  We often take teams through this Workplace Motivation Workshop and then either at the same team retreat or a couple months later, take them through the DISC Workshop.

Team members will learn about their motivators individually and collectively as a team.  They will better understand what makes them “tick.”

For a sample Team Motivators Report, click here.

To talk with us about a Workplace Motivation workshop for your team, contact Tim Allard at 434-984-0425 or email.

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